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Welcome to MPMA

Malaysian Paint Manufacturers' Association (MPMA) is a non-profit body representing the manufacturers and suppliers of the paint and coatings industries. With over 40 years of establishment, we are the voice of the industry providing representation in the market place and at the government level.

Through our strong commitment, we provide assistance to our members in gaining better competitive edge through knowledge building, businesses development and resources optimization.

Latest Events

Seminar on Supply & Apply Contract
23 Jan 2019 - 23 Jan 2019

Random Photos from Events' Gallery

Find Us

Malaysian Paint Manufacturers' Association (MPMA)

Kansai Paint Asia Pacific Sdn Bhd,
4, Solok Waja 2,
Bukit Raja Industrial Estate,
P O Box 159, 41710 Klang,
Selangor Darul Ehsan,

Tel No: +6019-204 9338
Email: secretariat@
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